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'Liuben Karavelov' museum-house

A compound of three separate building constructed by local builders in three stages in a period of 25 years. The first building, a winter house, was built in 1810. The second - a building for trade purposes was built in 1820 and the third one, a summer house, was constructed in 1835. The house belonged to the merchant Stoycho Karavelov and his wife Nedelia Doganova. Today, the exhibition in the museum covers the life and the social activities of the two sons, Luben and Petko Karavelov.

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DuĊĦanova Street

DuĊĦanova Street is an old trade street with lot of shops and facilities, built in the first part of this century. There is a trade center “DuĊĦanov Bazar”, two-storey building with many shops.

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