IPA The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme
Leader Partner Municipality of Koprivshtitsa, Koprivshtitsa - Bulgaria; Partner Municipality of Medijana Nis, Serbia

You are so beautifyl, my forest - Koprivshtitsa - Raynovo dere - Pop peak - Karavelova poliana - Koprivshtitsa

Walking trail

Go southwards in direction to Strelcha. After you pass a petrol station, cross Raynovo dere by the Nenchova fountain. Climb up a forest path until you reach the TV-tower and go on through a pine forest on the north slope of Popadiya pak. You will reach a flat area behind Pop peak (a shelter). Here you can see the beautiful view to Bogdan peak, Bunaya peak, Central Balkan Mountains and the surroundings of Koprivshtitsa. Westwards, through a century-old beech forest, slope down to Ravna poliana site. You will pass a fence on the right side and on a path through a beech forest you will come to Karavelova poliana area (small shelter). Go back to Koprivshtitsa through a pine forest which leads to Gergiovden area and 'Holy Ghost' peak, situated in the vicinity of the town.


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