IPA The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme
Leader Partner Municipality of Koprivshtitsa, Koprivshtitsa - Bulgaria; Partner Municipality of Medijana Nis, Serbia

Farewell to the Koprivshtitsa merchants - Koprivshtitsa - Sopolivi kamani - Krivoto darvo - Koprivshtitsa

Walking trail

Go southwards in the direction of Strelcha on the asphalt road. After around 5 km, before Otets Paysii fountain, bellow the Avrelian monument, you go westwards to Sopolivite kamuni (summer house). According to the legend, at this site the women of Koprivshtitsa saw off their husbands trading abroad in Minor Asia and Egypt. The itinerary continuez westwards crossing Boev shamak, after that it goes to the natural phenomenon - Krivoto darvo (the Crooked tree). Following the asphalt road (7 km), you go back to Koprivshtitsa.


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