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Location: Bulgaria, Koprivshtitsa,

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Location: Bulgaria, Koprivshtitsa,

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These are not your ordinary guest houses, but something entirely different. You get much more than you would at a hotel. The houses are like your own and the only thing you need to take is your toothbrush. And in case you have forgotten it, we will provide you with one.

Location: Bulgaria, Koprivshtitsa, Nikola Gaytanekov 1


57 modernly furnished and spacious rooms including 9 apartments ensuring relaxing atmosphere, no matter whether you’re here on business or guest.

Location: Serbia, Nish, Mokranjčeva 70, 18000 Niš


The "Garden" hostel is a very unique hostel due to it's garden which is beautiful during the whole year. It is a very relaxing place where you can enjoy the silence and

Location: Serbia, Nish, Vojislava Ilića


"Lotos" hostel is a pleasant place that you would gladly come back to after your first visit. It offers 7 bedrooms, with a full capacity of 20 guests.

Location: Serbia, Nish, Vojvode Mišića 113, 18000 Niš


The hostel is located in the very center of the town, on the edge of the biggest park and sport center “Cair”, just 5 minutes walk from the main pedestrian street. You can’t get better location to explore Nis by day and night!

Location: Serbia, Nish, Prvomajska 4a, 18 000 Niš


"Sponsor" Hostel is located in the city downtown, Generala Milojka Lešjanina 18b, at 50 meters of King Milan square, monument liberator Nis (horse) and Mc-Donalds, so its location allows you to be in the center of important cultural , sports and entertainment events.

Location: Serbia, Nish, Generala Milojka Lešjanina br.18b, 18000 Niš, Srbija


There are few cities in Serbia which can be recognized by a tourist object such as the hotel "Ambassador" in the city of Nish. The fact that is located in the very center of the city with adorable architecture makes it irresistible. It has three stars.

Location: Serbia, Nish, Trg Kralja Milana bb, 18000 Niš


Hotel "Nais" is located on the highway Belgrade - Nis, 9 km away from the city center of Nis. The magnificent hotel, is primarly designed for motorized tourists with a parking place for 200 vehicles and a garage (00 - 24 h).

Location: Serbia, Nish, Autoput Beograd - Niš

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