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International Art Colony in Sicevo

September 2019

The "Sicevo" Art colony, which is the first art colony in the Balkans, once Yugoslav today Serbian, takes place in early September. Far back in1905 the renowned painter Nadezda Petrovic recognized the beauty of Sicevo Gorge and founded this colony in Sicevo village.

Since 1964 - when its work was resumed - it has constantly been taking place every year. Owing to the Sicevo Art colony an impressive collection of works of art, which currently has 632 exhibits, was formed. By its historical, artistic and aesthetic features it belongs to the most valuable collections of our fine arts of the second half of the 20th century in Serbia.

As for the fine arts, the Sicevo Art colony is not only the oldest, but also the most significant event in the whole south-east region. In the recent years Sicevo Art Colony has been working in the realms of fine arts and literature including Sicevo Literary Colony, which is another event that takes place here.

Sicevo Art Colony unites artists, writers, literary critics, translators, publishers, and lovers of the written word.

Each year at the end of this event, a literary prize "Ramonda Serbika" is awarded to a selected author, in recognition of their contribution to literature and culture.

In addition, organizers of the Literary Colony provide the reward “Mikina Chasha” in honor of its founder. Participants include renowned national and international writers and literary critics.

Organizer: Gallery of Contemporary Art


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