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Leader Partner Municipality of Koprivshtitsa, Koprivshtitsa - Bulgaria; Partner Municipality of Medijana Nis, Serbia


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On the ancient way to Plovdiv - Koprivshtitsa - Kemera - Kaso Bardo - Mede dere - Koprivshtitsa

Go in the direction of Strelcha. After 4 km turn eastwards to the direction of Barikadite site. 2 km away (200 m after Bobeva fountain - shelter) the road turn right, continues through a beech forest, where the small waterfalls of Baziovo dere are murmuring. On the way southwards, pavement stones may still be found. Here was the ancient road to Plovdiv. The road leads to a pretty glade - Kemera area and Mede dere. Here you can see remains of an old stone bridge. Continue through a beech forest, on a steep rocky way to Kaso Bardo site. To the southeast, an hour walk, is Buntovna chalet. From Kaso Bardo to the northeast, trough a century old beech forest, you descend again to Mede dere. Cross the mountain stream twice and after about an hour you will reach Hadzhi Valchova fountain. Cross a wooden bridge of Mede dere northwards and follow the asphalt road back to Koprivshtitsa. The road passes the Shestnadesette monument (a shelter) and Bobeva fountain.


Čair Park

Čair Park is one of the most famous and visited parks in Nis. It includes and obtains the Stadium Radnički and Sports Centre – Čair (with an Olympic swimming pool and skating rink). A number of festivals and fairs are organized there: Book Fair, International Fair of Tourism and Ecology, Ski equipment Fair, Hunting and fishing equipment Fair, etc.

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