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Gedorgi Benkovski museum-house

The birthplace of the famous Bulgarian revolutionary and an organizer of the April uprising. The wooden house was built in 1831. The exhibition is connected with the life and the revolutionary activities of the rebellious and freedom loving Bulgarian. Not far fron the museum you can see the stone monument of Gergi Benkovski. It's sculptor is Hristo Tanev.

muzei G. Benkovski.jpg

Old Christian Baptistery in Mediana

It had all started in the vicinity of Niš, in the well-known locality of Mediana. Northwest from the Roman palace, to the same side where the ancient Romans had built a nympheum and thermae out of their respect toward the water and its benefits, the first Christians of Niš erected a baptistery. It is one of the oldest baptisteries in the Balkans, built in the second half of the 4th century, when Niš was an important episcopal city.

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