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Leader Partner Municipality of Koprivshtitsa, Koprivshtitsa - Bulgaria; Partner Municipality of Medijana Nis, Serbia


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With the blessing of the Christian saints

From the 'Bogdan' tourist centre follow the boulevard in the direction of Strelcha. Go round the dairy and along a steep black path and you will reach the Chapel 'St. Spas'. A cart roar leads to St. Iliya peak. Through an open area and a pine forest you will get to Chuminska reka (a small shelter). From Chumina River through area Biloto you will get to Vodopoya (summer-house) where you can enjoy the view of the peaks Bogdan and Bunaya, Central Balkan Mountains and Koprivshtitsa. Southwards, through a pine forest and crossing peak St. Atanas and neighborhood Arnaut you will get back to Koprivshtitsa.


National Theatre of Niš

The National Theatre of Niš was founded on March 11, 1887. It is one of the oldest theatres in Serbia. Many great actors have performed on its stage. The theatre has given over 10,000 performances, which have been seen by more than six million spectators not only in Niš but also all over Serbia, and abroad.

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