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Leader Partner Municipality of Koprivshtitsa, Koprivshtitsa - Bulgaria; Partner Municipality of Medijana Nis, Serbia


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Climb the highest peak af Sredna gora - Koprivshtitsa - Bogdan peak - Koprivshtitsa

The starting point is the 'Bogdan' tourist centre. Folow 'H. Nencho Palaveev' Blvd. southwards, then go round the dairy on the left side along the dirt road, going against the straem of Topolnitsa river and continue south-east. Once you reach Gatsova fountain (a small shelter), turn left. Cross Kriva river and cilb a forest path, which leads to Plachkov spring(a shelter). Upwards, a century old beech forest leads to the peak. The is the maintained preserve Bogdan. Here is the historical landscape Detelinova gramada. The itinerary continues to Bogdan peak - the highest peak in Sredna gora(1604 m), one of the 100 national tourist sites. Keeping the same direction, you reach an open area with a unique view of Stara planina(Botev and Vezhen peaks), Rila, Pirin, Vitosha and the Thracian plain. The chalets Srednogorets and Chivira are an hour walk. When turning left, you go round the entire preserve and you reach Plachkov spring again. Following the same path, you come back into the town of Koprivshtitsa.


Early Christian basilica with a martyry

The Early-Christian basilica with a martyry is located in the town area called "Jagodin Mala" at the Late-Roman and Early-Christian necropolis site. It was discovered in 1933/34, while the archeological excavations in 1953 stated a three-aisled basilica on its east side.

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